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The company has since 1994 engaged in the development of integrated technological solutions in production processes of home appliances, automotive industry, surface protection facilities, water treatment plants processing technology, the production of refrigerator thermostats, energy and sales.

What do we offer

We cooperate with the customer also in the initial stage - in the design automation of new and existing processing machinery, as well as in the execution itself and its introduction of automation. In doing so, we take advantage of all our technological knowledge, ideas and experience, we have acquired in all these years, as well as knowledge, preferences and experience of the customer and all this connect in a whole that fully satisfies the client.


Company JAN&FLORJAN d.o.o., together with partners, offers a full range of engineering, enabling the supply and manufacture of the whole machinery, plant or production line as follows: Hardware with mechanical parts, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical equipment with switches, sensors, actuators, drives, computerized control system.


Household appliances industry

Household appliances industry, whose representative Gorenje d.d. is one of the biggest buyers of the company. In their production, the company participated in the development of several products and semi-finished appliances, automation of workplaces and work operations and manufacture of complete lines for their manufacture.

As a reference cooperation may include: a full production line for the manufacture of entirely new type of plate evaporator for refrigeration appliances, construction control and monitoring system for dividing charge of gas for cooling appliances systems in the EX execution, production systems for automatic tracking of the production apparatus on the completion of installation of lines and data transmission on companies control system, a complex change of control and the operation of the zinc Galvanizing lines, zinc and chromium plating in the drums, exchange control and the operation of the transformational lines.

Manufacture thermostats

The company is in cooperation with the company Danfoss A/S from Denmark and Biterm from Slovenia produced projects and production lines to manufacture thermostats for cooling and refrigeration appliances. As a reference cooperation may include the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for construction and control of thermostats in Monterrey in Mexico.

Project and construction of machinery and equipment for construction and control of thermostats in Campinas Brazil, project and construction of machinery and equipment for the formulation, filling and control of thermostats in Wu-chin China, design and construction of machinery for the composition, making, filling and control of thermostats in Biterm Bistrica ob Sotli in Slovenia.

Automotive industry

In the area of the automotive industry, the company cooperated with different companies in Slovenia and Croatia in modernizing production processes and automation of production in terms of increased productivity and quality of products.

As a reference cooperation could include the full restoration with upgrades and the development of applications for quality Zn coating on the semis, and water treatment technology in Cimos Buzet d.d., project and designed the system for serving processing center in Iskra Avtoelektrika d.d., in Šempeter pri Gorici.

Investment in energetics

In cooperation with specialized firms for investment in energy, such as ESOTECH d.d. and Rudis d.d., we participated in the manufacture of electrical projects, control cabinets, programs of action and control systems, the total flue-gas cleaning devices in the Thermo Power Plant TET d.d. Trbovlje and Thermo Power Plant TES d.d. Sostanj.

Participation in projects with a base value of over 100 million € is a particular challenge and responsibility in the manufacture and the set up of equipment that is specific and in the case of a major fault in the operation, may lead to deadlock of the entire power plant for several months, but we are performed set tasks on time and quality.

Leak testing

In the area of leak testing the company produced several testing machines for testing the evaporator tube of refrigerator. Testing is based on helium leak detection. This metod can detect even the smallest leaks on tube welds and joints. The fluidity and tightness of the tube is also tested.

The company developed wireless solution for colour signalization of test result integrated on test clamps.

Surface Protection

In the coating plant, the company cooperated with different companies in Croatia and Slovenia in developing projects of new plants and water treatment technology. As a reference cooperation may include the design and manufacture of the processing and cleaning of waste water plant in the Galvanizacija Reka.

Project and production of waste water cleaning plant and the implementation of the automatic regulation of concentrations of working media in ZGR Križevci, project and production of zinc galvanic line with hangers and zinc in drums line in GALOKS Vrbovec.


  •   machinery for the metal transformation
     spot welding devices
     serving devices and manipulators
  •  devices for the composition semi-products
     systems for protecting tools
     test devices
  •  tact or continuous movement
     by turning
  •  by tilting
     with lifting
     with shifting
  •  automation of new and existing lines with hangers or drums
     the possibility of simultaneous processing of 500 + different semi-products
     simply changing the time-path diagram for conveyors
  •  simple setting of different thickness of coatings
     the thickness of coatings is independent of the time-path diagram
     The semi-product code contains all the necessary parameters for processing
  •  cleaning concentrated technological waters
     ion cleansing of rinsing waters and returning them in the technological process
     flowing cleaning of concentrated rinsing and technological waters
  •  savings use of technological water to neutralize the rinsing waters
     capture data with the most advanced technology
     supervision and management of the process done with the most modern and quality controllers

SCADA systems can degrade as the equipment they rely on comes to the end of it life, this can include the servers’, clients’ and the networking equipment. These are usually some sort of PC running an out of support version of windows or HMI running dedicated software. The end user naturally would expect to just have to replace the PC or screen, transfer the software and carry on. This is when the user finds that the old software is not compatible with the new hardware or it’s not compatible with a new operating system or it can’t communicate on a new network.

So the route then is to upgrade the software as well, but the issues continue, the software format is obsolete, the original compiled software is locked to the original vendor, the licensing is not upgradeable, and so the costs escalate.

Well at Jan&Florjan, we can’t do anything about that! This is the exact position most SCADA vendors want you to be in; it’s how they try to ensure the continuation of their revenue.

What Jan&Florjan can do, however is to future-proof your new system so that next time a PC needs replacing you can buy an off-the-shelf machine, install and carry on. Our systems are completely open, they will run on virtually any operating system, even a mix if you want, you own the software, we write it for your site and you own it for that site including all the programming tools and passwords, another risk eliminated.

Where we replace existing systems, usually we do this whilst the old system is still fully functional, only decommissioning when the client is fully confident that the new system is operational. This eliminates a major risk factor and allows time for operators to become familiar with the new features.

Overall Equipment Efficiency calculation software provides an indication about the current efficiency for a machine, a production run, or even the entire facility. Tracking downtime is the key to unlock information about where and how to make improvements so you can raise the OEE rates of your facility.

The OEE Downtime system offered by Jan&Florjan combines both OEE calculations and downtime tracking to give operations managers a robust software package that measures efficiency and shows how to boost efficiency rates.

Tracking and tracing is the process by which manufacturers obtain and record highly important information about where and how products are made. Track and trace software automates this process and has become a modern necessity for manufacturers as their industry faces increasing economic and regulatory challenges. Track and trace software fits into the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) layer that resides between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) layer and the plant floor.

Bringing together OEE, SPC, ERP, recipe, traceability trend and more information, places it at your fingertips as never before. You will quickly get action summaries, you can view trends within Ignition, and query external systems such as ERPs or warehouse management systems. You will be able to see correlations between efficiency and quality, keep an eye on historical trends and access information related to compliance. This variety of valuable data gives you the insight to make better decisions.

  •  Transport system for commissioning and classification in DDF Dubai warehouse, UAE
     Assembly line SKIN Kondenzator in Gorenje Valjevo, Serbia
     Printing frame glasses in Carrera Optyl in Ormož, SI
     Avtomatic material feeder in ERWIN PEETZ GmbH in Lennestadt, Germany
     Avtomatic wire feeders with BOSCH INDRAMAT in NIKO d.d. - Železniki, SI and Danfoss d.o.o., Črnomelj, SI
     Application of glue on glasswool in URSA in Novo Mesto, SI
     Double avtomatic material feeder with SIEMENS SINAMICS in Rondal, Slovenska Bistrica, SI
     Welding machine for shoe brake in STARKOM Maribor, SI
     Biological water treatment plants VERUDA2 in PULA, ACI-MARINA in Šibenik in Croatia
     Technology water treatment plants in EMKOR Rogatec, ELGO-LINE Cerknica, SI
     A machine for drilling and threading in the body of fuses in ETI Kamnik, SI
     Assembly line nr.1 of cooking appliances in GORENJE d.d. VELENJE, SI
     Assembly line for wire frames in NOVI ELIND VALJEVO, Serbia
     PUR transport system on two assembly lines in GORENJE VALJEVO, Serbia


Some of the latest projects

Assembly line of refrigeration appliances

V-ZUG Sulgen, Switzerland

Implementation of UR robots

Exellent, Štore Slovenia

Helium leak and flow test device

Norma, Subotica Serbia

Mini-load transport system

Savacoop, Novi Sad Serbia

Transport system (Bulky) for classification

DKC Tver warehouse, Russia

Trolley storage

BSH, Nazarje Slovenia

Modification of two galvanic lines

Galoks, Vrbovec Croatia

Product mixing station in TEŠ - Unit 6

TEŠ, Šoštanj Slovenia



We are a group of creative and professional colleagues

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Name: Jan&Florjan d.o.o. Engineering and production
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Director: Samo Florjan
Establishment: 1994
ID number for VAT: SI10454632
Registration number: 5846650
Bank account: NLB d.d. - 02426-0013071284
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